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About terminal equipment certification

August 06, 2021

About terminal equipment certification

Regardless of wired or wireless connection, if terminal equipment transmits information through the telecommunications carrier's network, it can not be used unless it approves technical standard conformity based on Telecommunications Business Law in order to protect line equipment and functions.

JATE as a Registered Certification Body with the longest history and achievements in Japan, conducts testing and examination on certification of conformity with technical standards and design certification of all of the communication terminal equipment, and our high technology and reliability, certainty and reasonable rates are highly rated by our customers. Naturally, certification of the latest communication standards such as the 5th generation cellular networks, the low power wide area netowrks etc. has already been handled.

Currently, services over the network have become widespread. wireless terminals require certificate conforming to the technical standards based on the Radio Law, as well as there are many cases where certification conformity to the technical standards based on the Telecommunications Business Law is required.

Please contact us if you have any questions when acquiring technical standard conformity certification of terminal equipment or design. We are convinced that we will serve you. I will support your company with the best technology. Only the test such as the 5th generation cellular networks of standalone or non-standalone mode, and fdd, tdd, sub 6 or mili-meter wave band requests are also welcome!

Note: When connecting the terminal equipment to the carrier line, indication of conformity mark is required.

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