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About radio equipment certification

August 06, 2021

About radio equipment certification

Basically, radio equipment can not be used without acquiring a radio license in order to ensure efficient use of radio waves, which is a scarce resource. However, the convenience of not requiring licensing (Article 4, paragraph 2, 3), etc. has been achieved for radio equipment that is displaying indications that it conforms to the technical standards based on the Radio Act.

As a Registered Certification Body registered by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, JATE conducts examination on technical standard conformity certification and construction design certification for specific radio equipment (unlicensed radio etc.). Naturally, certification of the latest communication standards such as the 5th generation cellular networks, the low power wide area netowrks etc. has already been handled.

Please contact us if you have any questions when acquiring technical standard conformity certification of radio equipment or design. We are convinced that we will serve you. And we will support your company with the best technology.

Note: When using specific radio equipment, indication of conformity mark is required.

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