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August 06, 2021

Certifying terminal and radio equipment

  JATE could be certifying conformity to the technical standards based on the Telecommunications Business Act and the Radio Act, for equipment shown in the table. Recently, the 5th generation cellular networks, the low power wide area netowrks etc. equipment certification has started.
  JATE is also certifying conformity for all specific radio equipment even if that does not correspond to telecommunications terminals.

Classification Equipment of certification Certification Remarks
Telecommunications Business Act Radio Act
Fixed line Fixed telephone Corded phone, VoIP phone -  
Private branch exchange facility Private branch exchange equipment, Extension phone etc.
(DECT, etc.)
Cordless phone Cordless phone (DECT, etc.)  
Fixed data network Network switch, Router, PC, etc.
(Wireless router)
Mobile phone line
 5GNR(NSA, SA) etc.
Cellular phone Smartphone, etc.  
Mobile data terminal Mobile router, Tablet terminal, Point of sale terminal, Communication module, etc.  
Low power wide area network using LTE network (NB-IoT, eMTC) Communication modules  
Specific low-power radio (LoRa, etc.) Telemeter, Low-power wide area equipmet  
Wireless LAN (2.4GHz/5GHz-band) Wireless router, Tablet terminal, Various gadgets  
Bluetooth (include BLE) Various gadgets (Earphone microphone, Smart Watch, Car navigation system, etc.)  
Small power radio (Zigbee / WiSUN, Low power security radio) Home ICT equipment, Home security equipment, etc.  
Millimeter wave data communication (WiGig, Wireless LAN, etc.) Ultra high-speed data transmission equipment  
Other communication terminal Monitor notification equipment、Cable modem, etc.  
 The subjects to be certified under the Telecommunications Business Act are terminals connected to the telecommunications carrier line, but wireless sensors that the server on the Internet and the sensor slave communicate with themselves are also subject to authentication.
 Radio Act certification is mandatory for specific radio equipment. Please contact us for specific radio equipment not in the table.

 If you need more information, please contact us by the telephone or the e-mail.

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